With more than ten million customers from 150 million countries, Unibet is undoubtedly one of the largest sportsbook providers in the world. No wonder: Unibet offers a comprehensive range of betting products that appeals to beginners and betting professionals alike. Here comes one of the best sports betting bonuses ever. The Unibet bonus is not only very lucrative with up to 100 €, but also very easy to implement.

Unibet is probably one of the most established gaming companies in the European market. The company can keep up with everything and probably offers the best welcome bonus for new customers. Unibet offers a deposit bonus of up to 100 Euro. With these three easy steps, you can get the Unibet sports betting bonus:


  • Click on “Get a bonus” on this page.
  • Create an account with Unibet.
  • Make a deposit and start betting.

New customers receive a casino bonus of 100% to 150 € at Unibet, as well as 50 fairy spins.

With these three steps you can get the Unibet deposit bonus for casino games:

  • Click on “Get bonus”
  • Create an account for Unibet Casino (do not forget to accept the bonus offer at registration!)
  • Deposit at least 10 € into your new Unibet account.

Attention: As always the terms and conditions of the betting provider apply. In this case of Unibet. To make your life easier, we have summarized some conditions for you here:

The bonus expires 30 days after registration. If you have not fulfilled the bonus requirement during this period, the bonus money and the winnings will be lost.

The terms and conditions of the Unibet Casino Bonus are 25 times the bonus amount.

The company Unibet has existed since 1997 and launched its homepage two years later. Unibet is a well-known and big brand name in Europe and especially in Scandinavia. Unibet is a Swedish company headquartered in Malta, where it also holds its gaming license. In total, Unibet has over ten million customers from over 150 countries. On MyWettbobus.de we have looked at the betting offer of Unibet once more.

Unibet has one of the best online betting sites with loads of games and live games. Of course, betting is offered on all major sports and leagues, but you can also choose smaller sports such as cycling, swimming, chess, surfing and water polo. Other arrangements that you can bet on at Unibet are TV programs, beauty pageants, elections, weather, etc.

On Unibet’s game page, you’ll find other exciting things beyond the usual gaming offer. There you’ll find Unibet’s widespread live betting site with games from around the world. In addition, there is also a “Supertoto-Superscore”, where you can put on a coupon on several games and thus has chance of a real giant win. There are also subcategories for horse racing and greyhound racing. In addition, live ticker, stats, a news page and a game blog with expert tips from Unibets Daniel Olenklint are offered.

Unibet offers their very own poker room, which is not part of the larger poker networks. Unibet’s poker room is a bit more relaxed than many other sites where the competition is rock hard. Instead, Unibet has focused more on the joy of playing; the graphics are almost reminiscent of a television play. You can change your poker identity over and over again by changing both the character and the nickname. You can play Unibet Poker directly in your web browser or download the software that is available for both PC and Mac.


Unibet offers its customers various campaigns and offers. In the welcome bonus area, there is a deposit bonus of € 100, plus € 150 welcome bonus and 50 free spins at Unibet Casino. The Unibet Live Casino offers a € 150 deposit bonus. And at Unibet Poker there is a $ 500 playthrough bonus. All betting bonuses from Unibet can be found in our bonus offer in the right column and on this page.


Unibet has one of the best online betting sites with loads of games and live games. Of course, there are bets on all major sports and leagues, but you can also choose smaller sports such as cycling, swimming, chess, surfing and water polo. Other arrangements that you can bet on at Unibet are TV programs, beauty pageants, elections, weather, etc.

Unibet Sportsbook

The focus is on Unibet as other betting providers on football betting. In addition, tennis betting, ice hockey betting and cycling betting are especially popular. When we checked in July 2018, we had more than 25,000 different football bets on offer, which shows just how diverse the betting markets at Unibet are. Unibet does not need to hide from greats like Bwin and Co. By the way: You can even bet on the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz at Unibet – if that is not a quality feature!

Unibet football betting

Football betting is clearly the number one in sports betting at Unibet. With more than 25,000 different football bets, you are right up there in terms of diversity. In addition to the main leagues, there are mainly betting markets such as the Indonesian, the Czech or the Scandinavian leagues, which are real insider tips at Unibet. In terms of odds, Unibet usually moves in the upper midfield, but often in the top spot in our bookmaker comparison.

Unibet Ice Hockey Betting

As a Swedish bookmaker, it goes without saying that Unibet has traditionally also had a strong offer in terms of ice hockey betting. Here we recommend not only the variety of bets, but also the odds. Champions Hockey League, NHL, KHL or SHL are typical leagues offered by Unibet in terms of long-term betting.

Unibet tennis betting

Unibet is traditionally very strong in tennis betting. This not only covers all major tournaments, but also many smaller games. In our betting provider test in July 2018, we had about 1,500 tennis bets on offer – and thus was definitely in the top spot of all international bookmakers.

Unibet cycling betting

If you like betting on cycling and the Tour de France, is the right place at Unibet. In the field of international bookmakers there is probably no bookmaker who specializes so much on cycling betting as Unibet – both in terms of offer and in terms of Quten. It’s not by chance that a WorldTour professional cycling team was sponsored a few years ago. And also at the Giro d * Italia 2018 the Unibet logo could be seen on the track.

Unibet Live Streaming

Unibet is actually known for its wide live streaming offer. Many international events are broadcast to make the live betting offer even more attractive. Unfortunately, there is currently no live stream service available on the Unibet site. Should something be offered for individual exceptions, you will see that on the live event page with the sign “UTV”.

Unibet cash-out

The popular cash-out feature is also part of the offer at Unibet. So you can pay off a bet, even before the final result is established. As a result, you can secure a part of the profit early – or just limit his losses. For selected sports, the Unibet cash-out feature is available for live, pre-match, outright and accumulator bets. You can see cash out bets on the cashout symbol that appears next to the bets in question.


In 2005, Unibet launched a platform for smartphones and in 2008 a Java application for playing on the mobile phone. You can play games, live games, casino and poker on Unibet using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to play through the mobile-friendly website or download the app, you decide yourself.

Unibet iPhone

On your iPhone, you can play all of Unibet’s products except poker; if you have an iPad, you can easily play poker with it. You can either play in the web browser or download the Unibet App from the App Store.

Unibet Android

Just like for the iPhone, your Android will also be able to play all the products from Unibet to poker; You can only play it on the PC or a tablet. Not all Unibet apps are available for the Android, but you can download the sportsbook app, the Spin City app and the live casino app.

Unibet app

Unibet offers many different apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones. You can find many different game apps, including one for football statistics, a TV guide app and a football quiz app. In addition, Unibet even offers some casino apps as well as an app for Unibet Poker for tablets.


Since 1 July 2012, all sports bets placed by betting friends resident in the European countries  will incur 5% tax. The various bookmakers deal with this tax quite differently: some pass it directly to customers, others turn their customers betting tax and take them for them and in turn others make the latter only partially. At Unibet, the betting taxes are actually borne by Unibet himself. Unibet does not deduct a deduction. Nonetheless, European customers must accept a 5% discount. Specifically, this means that the betting tax at Unibet will be deducted from the profit. Further information about the betting tax at Unibet can be found in the Unibet terms and conditions.


Again and again inquiries reach us to what extent a bookmaker is safe or not. No wonder: after all, you entrust a lot of money to a sports betting provider and want to know that this is a matter of trustworthiness. At Unibet we can reassure you: The bookmaker has a proper license, is well-known and can be safely classified as safe.