Tipico is an absolute tip for football fans with its huge football offering, which includes more than 100 leagues. This is also true because of the good odds. The deposit bonus is good, too. In terms of seriousness one sets a clear sign with numerous testimonials such as Oliver Kahn and Bayern. Unfortunately, other sports besides football at Tipico are a bit too short and also the live area is not quite as developed as in many other bookmakers.


Tipico not only convinces with its football offer, but also in terms of sports betting bonus. So you can offer new customers a deposit bonus of up to 100 € with 100%, that is: The first deposit amount can be doubled. Tipico promises the simplest possible processing of the registration, so you can easily secure the sports betting bonus. To get you the attractive Tipico welcome bonus. we have listed the appropriate steps here:


  • Click on the bonus link on this page and sign up for Tipico
  • Make your first deposit between 10 and 100 euros
  • You now have your deposit amount and the bonus amount in the account. So if you have deposited 100 euros, you can now bet with 200 euros.


As with any deposit bonus, we want to point out that you should always read exactly the terms and conditions and the background of a bonus. So not only the bonus amount is important, but also the bonus conditions play a crucial role. At Tipico they are very simple, so there are no ambiguities, how to withdraw the bonus amount again. So you have to implement deposit amount and bonus amount a total of three times in sports betting with a quota of at least 2.00, before the money can be paid out. More terms and bonus conditions can be found on the Tipico website.


Anyone who is a partner of FC Bayern München, Hamburger SV, Red Bull Salzburg and the Austrian Bundesliga will clearly show their ambitions in football. It is therefore no coincidence that Tipico – by the way one of the few international bookmakers with roots – is one of the most sought after bookmakers among football fans. In our review on MyWettbonus.de we took a closer look at betting offer, live betting, odds, deposit bonus and more at Tipico.

At Tipico King rules football. This is already apparent when you first enter the Tipico website, which is mostly in red, dark gray and white: A button leads directly to the current Bundesliga odds, a counter free by Oliver Kahn lures with the attractive welcome bonus. New customers get at Tipico so 100 euros with up to 100 percent – a tempting offer, especially the football fans take advantage of.

However, this is not only because Tipico has a lot of partners in football, but above all on the football-heavy offer of the originally founded in Europe betting provider. So there are more than 100 football leagues in the Tipico betting offer. In addition, Tipico is one of the few bookmakers who have in addition to the classic professional leagues and lower leagues in the program. In European countries you can bet on Tipico not only on the 3rd league, but also, for example, on the Regionalliga Nord. The live offer of Tipico is one of the great strengths of the sports betting provider.

In terms of odds, Tipico ranks in the upper midfield. Often, however, there are also top odds – especially in live betting. Because the live offer of Tipico is one of the absolute strengths of the sports betting provider. This is also dominated by King football, other sports such as tennis live betting come here a bit too short.

The Tipico offer is rounded off by an online casino, which also has a live casino. A special poker site, as you know from the offer of other sports bookmakers, there is not at Tipico. Tipico has also scored points in our test report in terms of customer service, which, among other things, has a hotline, and in terms of customer-friendliness. Finally, with its numerous betting offices throughout EU countries, Tipico is also a locally accessible bookmaker.


Tipico attracts thousands of football fans every day with its huge supply of football bets. In addition to the welcome bonus already described above, there are also many other promotions that can benefit betting enthusiasts. A very attractive offer for betting fans is that Tipico drops the betting tax. Even if the betting tax of 5% is required by law in European countries, this is not passed on to Tipico at the customer. This differs considerably from many other betting providers who pass the betting tax into their customers and charge them either with the wager or the gross profit. With Tipico you have theoretically so five percent more profit. Tipico also often offers special bonus promotions to special events in the form of free bets, free credit, deposit bonus for existing customers and Co.


Above all, Tipico is a bookmaker. Even if there is a casino and a live casino, it must be clearly stated that the home of Tipico is in sports betting. Accordingly, the offer is oriented, which appeals mainly to betting enthusiasts and fewer online gaming fans. Betting at Tipico is very easy: Just look for a bet, click on the odds and the ticket opens in the upper right corner of the page. In the following we have looked at the different betting offers of the sports betting provider.

Tipico is certainly one of the market leaders when it comes to football betting. This is supported by the incredible range of football betting in the Tipico betting program, which includes over 100 leagues around the world. You can also bet on other sports at Tipico. These include basketball (by the way, you are also a partner of the basketball department of FC Bayern), ice hockey or handball. Nonetheless, in our Tipico test, we found that the range of different sports is not as big as the competition. So we counted a total of 38 sports in our Tipico-Check, whereby here the Winter Olympics were included. Without the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea, we only got 23 sports or sports categories.

Tipico Live Betting

The live betting section at Tipico is a two-pronged affair. In our editorial office there were so mixed votes in the evaluation. For one, the offer at Tipico in terms of live betting is much more manageable, as it is the case with many other betting providers – for example, Bwin. On the other hand, just this compactness is also a big selling point. This is how you can quickly and clearly submit your live tips to Tipico and not get lost in a jungle of different live special bets. Especially football fans, who are mainly interested in result bets, get their money’s worth here. Tipico also convinces with good live ratings. Together with the possibility to bet tax-free, since the betting tax is eliminated, Tipico is therefore our editorial tip in terms of football live betting.

Tipico Live Stream

Despite the many partnerships in football with clubs such as FC Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV looking for a live stream at Tipico unfortunately in vain. Here you actually lag behind the competition, because you completely renounced this feature. To what extent live streaming is planned in the future, we could not bring in our researches in experience. So if you want to bet live with Tipico and watch a match at the same time, this is best done with another live stream and at the same time uses the Tipico Mobile app.

Tipico Cash Out

In recent years, the cash-out feature has become increasingly popular with sports betting fans. For this reason, it is not surprising that almost every betting provider now has cash out in the program. Even with Tipico you can secure your bet early by cash out. One has taken special care of this feature. With the Tipico Live Cash Out, it is possible to withdraw a bet early even if the game has already started.


An important point in the test of a bookmaker is his mobile offer. Finally, smartphones are in great demand when it comes to giving tips. Tipico is set up here in two ways: on the one hand, the betting provider has a mobile page that can be easily accessed with any mobile device. On the other hand, they have also created a Tipico app, with which you can easily make your bets on the go. No matter which version you decide on, the betting portfolio is fully available.

Tipico App for iPhone & Android

The App offer of Tipico differentiates between two different applications: On the one hand the classic Tipico sports betting app and on the other Tipico Pay. The former is the app that lets you place your bets and odds, while the second is a special deposit app that allows Tipico customers to recharge their prepaid-style betting account. The classic Tipico app can be found under the name Tipico Sport.

Tipico Pay

A special role in the App offer of Tipico is the app Tipico Pay. This is a prepaid deposit app that allows Tipico customers to conveniently charge their betting account with their smartphone. The application is available for both Android and iOS for free download.

At Tipico you pay no betting tax. So, neither wagering nor winning a bet will deduct five percent of the corresponding amount, as is normally the case – a very customer-oriented service from Tipico. Especially when comparing odds, this can be the deciding factor if you sign up for Tipico or another betting provider.