Tipico is an absolute tip for football fans with its huge football offering, which includes more than 100 leagues. This is also true because of the good odds. The deposit bonus is good, too. In terms of seriousness one sets a clear sign with numerous testimonials such as Oliver Kahn and Bayern. Unfortunately, other sports besides football at Tipico are a bit too short and also the live area is not quite as developed as in many other bookmakers.


Tipico not only convinces with its football offer, but also in terms of sports betting bonus. So you can offer new customers a deposit bonus of up to 100 € with 100%, that is: The first deposit amount can be doubled. Tipico promises the simplest possible processing of the registration, so you can easily secure the sports betting bonus. To get you the attractive Tipico welcome bonus. we have listed the appropriate steps here:


  • Click on the bonus link on this page and sign up for Tipico
  • Make your first deposit between 10 and 100 euros
  • You now have your deposit amount and the bonus amount in the account. So if you have deposited 100 euros, you can now bet with 200 euros.


As with any deposit bonus, we want to point out that you should always read exactly the terms and conditions and the background of a bonus. So not only the bonus amount is important, but also the bonus conditions play a crucial role. At Tipico they are very simple, so there are no ambiguities, how to withdraw the bonus amount again. So you have to implement deposit amount and bonus amount a total of three times in sports betting with a quota of at least 2.00, before the money can be paid out. More terms and bonus conditions can be found on the Tipico website.


Anyone who is a partner of FC Bayern München, Hamburger SV, Red Bull Salzburg and the Austrian Bundesliga will clearly show their ambitions in football. It is therefore no coincidence that Tipico – by the way one of the few international bookmakers with roots – is one of the most sought after bookmakers among football fans. In our review on MyWettbonus.de we took a closer look at betting offer, live betting, odds, deposit bonus and more at Tipico.

At Tipico King rules football. This is already apparent when you first enter the Tipico website, which is mostly in red, dark gray and white: A button leads directly to the current Bundesliga odds, a counter free by Oliver Kahn lures with the attractive welcome bonus. New customers get at Tipico so 100 euros with up to 100 percent – a tempting offer, especially the football fans take advantage of.

However, this is not only because Tipico has a lot of partners in football, but above all on the football-heavy offer of the originally founded in Europe betting provider. So there are more than 100 football leagues in the Tipico betting offer. In addition, Tipico is one of the few bookmakers who have in addition to the classic professional leagues and lower leagues in the program. In European countries you can bet on Tipico not only on the 3rd league, but also, for example, on the Regionalliga Nord. The live offer of Tipico is one of the great strengths of the sports betting provider.

In terms of odds, Tipico ranks in the upper midfield. Often, however, there are also top odds – especially in live betting. Because the live offer of Tipico is one of the absolute strengths of the sports betting provider. This is also dominated by King football, other sports such as tennis live betting come here a bit too short.

The Tipico offer is rounded off by an online casino, which also has a live casino. A special poker site, as you know from the offer of other sports bookmakers, there is not at Tipico. Tipico has also scored points in our test report in terms of customer service, which, among other things, has a hotline, and in terms of customer-friendliness. Finally, with its numerous betting offices throughout EU countries, Tipico is also a locally accessible bookmaker.


Tipico attracts thousands of football fans every day with its huge supply of football bets. In addition to the welcome bonus already described above, there are also many other promotions that can benefit betting enthusiasts. A very attractive offer for betting fans is that Tipico drops the betting tax. Even if the betting tax of 5% is required by law in European countries, this is not passed on to Tipico at the customer. This differs considerably from many other betting providers who pass the betting tax into their customers and charge them either with the wager or the gross profit. With Tipico you have theoretically so five percent more profit. Tipico also often offers special bonus promotions to special events in the form of free bets, free credit, deposit bonus for existing customers and Co.


Above all, Tipico is a bookmaker. Even if there is a casino and a live casino, it must be clearly stated that the home of Tipico is in sports betting. Accordingly, the offer is oriented, which appeals mainly to betting enthusiasts and fewer online gaming fans. Betting at Tipico is very easy: Just look for a bet, click on the odds and the ticket opens in the upper right corner of the page. In the following we have looked at the different betting offers of the sports betting provider.

Tipico is certainly one of the market leaders when it comes to football betting. This is supported by the incredible range of football betting in the Tipico betting program, which includes over 100 leagues around the world. You can also bet on other sports at Tipico. These include basketball (by the way, you are also a partner of the basketball department of FC Bayern), ice hockey or handball. Nonetheless, in our Tipico test, we found that the range of different sports is not as big as the competition. So we counted a total of 38 sports in our Tipico-Check, whereby here the Winter Olympics were included. Without the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea, we only got 23 sports or sports categories.

Tipico Live Betting

The live betting section at Tipico is a two-pronged affair. In our editorial office there were so mixed votes in the evaluation. For one, the offer at Tipico in terms of live betting is much more manageable, as it is the case with many other betting providers – for example, Bwin. On the other hand, just this compactness is also a big selling point. This is how you can quickly and clearly submit your live tips to Tipico and not get lost in a jungle of different live special bets. Especially football fans, who are mainly interested in result bets, get their money’s worth here. Tipico also convinces with good live ratings. Together with the possibility to bet tax-free, since the betting tax is eliminated, Tipico is therefore our editorial tip in terms of football live betting.

Tipico Live Stream

Despite the many partnerships in football with clubs such as FC Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV looking for a live stream at Tipico unfortunately in vain. Here you actually lag behind the competition, because you completely renounced this feature. To what extent live streaming is planned in the future, we could not bring in our researches in experience. So if you want to bet live with Tipico and watch a match at the same time, this is best done with another live stream and at the same time uses the Tipico Mobile app.

Tipico Cash Out

In recent years, the cash-out feature has become increasingly popular with sports betting fans. For this reason, it is not surprising that almost every betting provider now has cash out in the program. Even with Tipico you can secure your bet early by cash out. One has taken special care of this feature. With the Tipico Live Cash Out, it is possible to withdraw a bet early even if the game has already started.


An important point in the test of a bookmaker is his mobile offer. Finally, smartphones are in great demand when it comes to giving tips. Tipico is set up here in two ways: on the one hand, the betting provider has a mobile page that can be easily accessed with any mobile device. On the other hand, they have also created a Tipico app, with which you can easily make your bets on the go. No matter which version you decide on, the betting portfolio is fully available.

Tipico App for iPhone & Android

The App offer of Tipico differentiates between two different applications: On the one hand the classic Tipico sports betting app and on the other Tipico Pay. The former is the app that lets you place your bets and odds, while the second is a special deposit app that allows Tipico customers to recharge their prepaid-style betting account. The classic Tipico app can be found under the name Tipico Sport.

Tipico Pay

A special role in the App offer of Tipico is the app Tipico Pay. This is a prepaid deposit app that allows Tipico customers to conveniently charge their betting account with their smartphone. The application is available for both Android and iOS for free download.

At Tipico you pay no betting tax. So, neither wagering nor winning a bet will deduct five percent of the corresponding amount, as is normally the case – a very customer-oriented service from Tipico. Especially when comparing odds, this can be the deciding factor if you sign up for Tipico or another betting provider.


Bet-at-home is an online bookmaker with a great all-round offer that can compete with the very largest betting providers. Only smear must make customers in the quotas. However, this is made up for by the extensive, yet simple bonus program. We can therefore recommend bet-at-home as a bookmaker of your choice.

One of the biggest advantages of bet-at-home as a bookmaker is its great bonus offer. So there is a welcome bonus for all three divisions (sports betting, casino, poker). For sports betting friends, the bet-at-home betting bonus in the form of a welcome bonus or deposit bonus is particularly interesting.

The bet-at-home welcome bonus with 50 percent up to 200 euros may not be the one with the highest percentage, but you can still deduct 100 euros bonus amount. For bet-at-home new customers this is a very exciting offer, as the bonus conditions are also good. So you have to implement the paid-in bonus amount four times within 90 days. Compared to other providers, this is a long period of time, so you can bet without pressure to get the bonus.


  • The corresponding links can be found above and below this paragraph.
  • Under “My Account” click on “Redeem Bonus”.
  • Type in bonus code FIRST – ready!
  • After that, an additional 50% of the amount paid will be transferred to your betting account (up to 100 Euro).
  • The bonus is a maximum of 100.00 EUR. For deposits over 200.00 EUR booked bet-at-home.com as a bonus 100.00 EUR on your betting account.

For more bonus terms, visit the bet-at-home.com website


The bonus applies to new customers who have never transferred money to their betting account.

The bonus code “FIRST” must be entered in the account under “redeem bonus” no later than 10 days after the first deposit. After this period, there is no entitlement to the bonus.

The maximum bonus amount is 100 euros. With a deposit of 200 euros you get 100 euros bonus.

The bonus must be activated within 90 days of redemption.

The bonus and the amount paid in must be paid within 90 days 4x after being redeemed to a minimum of 1.70 before a withdrawal can be requested. Customers who have paid 200 euros and more, must implement a maximum of 1,200 euros.

Further terms and conditions and bonus conditions can be found on the bet-at-home website. All statements without guarantee.


“Life is a game, then we align all our efforts.” In 1999, bet-at-home enthused its customers with this motto. A total of more than four million betting fans play at the bookmaker, which was originally founded in Austria. Today you are based in Dusseldorf and with almost 300 employees and about 4.6 million players you are one of the most famous bookmakers in UK. We have the offer of bet-at-home, but also the actions such as deposit bonus, welcome bonus and other promotions under the magnifying glass.

Bet-at-home is not only one of the oldest, but in terms of offering one of the largest bookmakers in Europe. In addition to sports betting, there is also a casino, a live casino, a Vegas section, a virtual section, and a poker section on the bet-at-home offer.

In terms of sports betting is one of the largest bookmakers in European countries with more than 90 sports by itself. Especially in football, you are very committed. This applies not only to the betting offer, which includes not only sports betting but also many live bets, but also on the pitch itself. Since August 2015, players of the traditional German club Hertha BSC have been running bet-at-home as the official shirt sponsor. The only drawback in the sports: The odds can not quite keep up with the absolute top, here you place yourself in midfield.

Bet-at-home is a provider with a great all-round offer, which can compete with the very large betting providers. In addition to sports betting, a casino, a live casino, a Vegas section, a virtual section, and a poker section are also part of the bet-at-home offer. Here, too, you can let off steam almost limitless, so that the provider once again lives up to its reputation as an all-rounder. The fact that this is accepted by the customers is shown by the almost five million users registered at bet-at-home.

The offer of bet-at-home is rounded off by numerous bonus programs and promotions. Thus one offers an attractive welcome bonus for new customers both with the sports bets, as well as in the casino and with the poker. This bonus offer is supplemented by numerous other campaigns and promotions, in which especially sports betting friends get their money’s worth. Bet-at-home already has its claim in the name: even if there is a casino and also a live casino, the sports betting offer is clearly in the foreground. This can already be seen in the requirements of the various sections of the bet-at-home website: sports betting is at the forefront here. In this section, we therefore deal with the bet-at-home betting offer.


Bein the sports bet is bet-at-home with more than 90 sports to own one of the largest bookmakers in Europe. Especially in football, you are very committed. This applies not only to the betting offer, which includes not only sports betting but also many live bets, but also on the pitch itself. Since August 2015, players of the traditional German club Hertha BSC have been running bet-at-home as the official shirt sponsor.


Live bets are also part of the bet-at-home offer. There is a wide range of bets, especially in football. But also tennis, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball or rugby count to the live offer of bet-at-home. A special point is collected in the field of e-sports: For example, you can bet live on Counter Strike.


As with all major betting operators, you can also use the cash-out feature at bet-at-home. The cash out is thus available for all sports bets up to the beginning of the event and also for all live bets. This applies to all single and multi-bets, with no restrictions on sports and types of bets. Exceptions are e-sports bets. The extent to which cash out is also available for live bets depends on the game in question. More information on the bet-at-home Cash Out is available on the bet-at-home website.


Although Bet-at-home is one of the largest sports betting providers in European countries, you can not quite keep up with the top in terms of odds. In our quota check of the various categories (football odds, tennis odds, Formula 1 odds, handball odds, cycling odds, etc.) bet-at-home ranks in the lower midfield. This is additionally clouded by the resulting betting tax (see below). Nonetheless, there are also many outliers up. Especially in football, the odds are better on average, so that bet-at-home can also make many very good bets.

Bet-at-home live odds

Bet-at-home has a good live betting offer that does not quite match the big live betting specialists Bwin and Bet365. Even in terms of quotas, it lags slightly behind, although not as clearly as in the ordinary sport.

At bet-at-home you pay the betting tax of five percent directly at the stake.

The big question that keeps coming up in terms of betting tax and bookmakers is: When will the betting tax be paid? Directly at the stake or only at the profit, where it is then deducted from the gross profit? In bet-at-home, this actually happens when placing the bet. A possible profit falls thus less than with a supplier without tax. This should be taken into account when placing a bet with bet-at-home.


With more than ten million customers from 150 million countries, Unibet is undoubtedly one of the largest sportsbook providers in the world. No wonder: Unibet offers a comprehensive range of betting products that appeals to beginners and betting professionals alike. Here comes one of the best sports betting bonuses ever. The Unibet bonus is not only very lucrative with up to 100 €, but also very easy to implement.

Unibet is probably one of the most established gaming companies in the European market. The company can keep up with everything and probably offers the best welcome bonus for new customers. Unibet offers a deposit bonus of up to 100 Euro. With these three easy steps, you can get the Unibet sports betting bonus:


  • Click on “Get a bonus” on this page.
  • Create an account with Unibet.
  • Make a deposit and start betting.

New customers receive a casino bonus of 100% to 150 € at Unibet, as well as 50 fairy spins.

With these three steps you can get the Unibet deposit bonus for casino games:

  • Click on “Get bonus”
  • Create an account for Unibet Casino (do not forget to accept the bonus offer at registration!)
  • Deposit at least 10 € into your new Unibet account.

Attention: As always the terms and conditions of the betting provider apply. In this case of Unibet. To make your life easier, we have summarized some conditions for you here:

The bonus expires 30 days after registration. If you have not fulfilled the bonus requirement during this period, the bonus money and the winnings will be lost.

The terms and conditions of the Unibet Casino Bonus are 25 times the bonus amount.

The company Unibet has existed since 1997 and launched its homepage two years later. Unibet is a well-known and big brand name in Europe and especially in Scandinavia. Unibet is a Swedish company headquartered in Malta, where it also holds its gaming license. In total, Unibet has over ten million customers from over 150 countries. On MyWettbobus.de we have looked at the betting offer of Unibet once more.

Unibet has one of the best online betting sites with loads of games and live games. Of course, betting is offered on all major sports and leagues, but you can also choose smaller sports such as cycling, swimming, chess, surfing and water polo. Other arrangements that you can bet on at Unibet are TV programs, beauty pageants, elections, weather, etc.

On Unibet’s game page, you’ll find other exciting things beyond the usual gaming offer. There you’ll find Unibet’s widespread live betting site with games from around the world. In addition, there is also a “Supertoto-Superscore”, where you can put on a coupon on several games and thus has chance of a real giant win. There are also subcategories for horse racing and greyhound racing. In addition, live ticker, stats, a news page and a game blog with expert tips from Unibets Daniel Olenklint are offered.

Unibet offers their very own poker room, which is not part of the larger poker networks. Unibet’s poker room is a bit more relaxed than many other sites where the competition is rock hard. Instead, Unibet has focused more on the joy of playing; the graphics are almost reminiscent of a television play. You can change your poker identity over and over again by changing both the character and the nickname. You can play Unibet Poker directly in your web browser or download the software that is available for both PC and Mac.


Unibet offers its customers various campaigns and offers. In the welcome bonus area, there is a deposit bonus of € 100, plus € 150 welcome bonus and 50 free spins at Unibet Casino. The Unibet Live Casino offers a € 150 deposit bonus. And at Unibet Poker there is a $ 500 playthrough bonus. All betting bonuses from Unibet can be found in our bonus offer in the right column and on this page.


Unibet has one of the best online betting sites with loads of games and live games. Of course, there are bets on all major sports and leagues, but you can also choose smaller sports such as cycling, swimming, chess, surfing and water polo. Other arrangements that you can bet on at Unibet are TV programs, beauty pageants, elections, weather, etc.

Unibet Sportsbook

The focus is on Unibet as other betting providers on football betting. In addition, tennis betting, ice hockey betting and cycling betting are especially popular. When we checked in July 2018, we had more than 25,000 different football bets on offer, which shows just how diverse the betting markets at Unibet are. Unibet does not need to hide from greats like Bwin and Co. By the way: You can even bet on the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz at Unibet – if that is not a quality feature!

Unibet football betting

Football betting is clearly the number one in sports betting at Unibet. With more than 25,000 different football bets, you are right up there in terms of diversity. In addition to the main leagues, there are mainly betting markets such as the Indonesian, the Czech or the Scandinavian leagues, which are real insider tips at Unibet. In terms of odds, Unibet usually moves in the upper midfield, but often in the top spot in our bookmaker comparison.

Unibet Ice Hockey Betting

As a Swedish bookmaker, it goes without saying that Unibet has traditionally also had a strong offer in terms of ice hockey betting. Here we recommend not only the variety of bets, but also the odds. Champions Hockey League, NHL, KHL or SHL are typical leagues offered by Unibet in terms of long-term betting.

Unibet tennis betting

Unibet is traditionally very strong in tennis betting. This not only covers all major tournaments, but also many smaller games. In our betting provider test in July 2018, we had about 1,500 tennis bets on offer – and thus was definitely in the top spot of all international bookmakers.

Unibet cycling betting

If you like betting on cycling and the Tour de France, is the right place at Unibet. In the field of international bookmakers there is probably no bookmaker who specializes so much on cycling betting as Unibet – both in terms of offer and in terms of Quten. It’s not by chance that a WorldTour professional cycling team was sponsored a few years ago. And also at the Giro d * Italia 2018 the Unibet logo could be seen on the track.

Unibet Live Streaming

Unibet is actually known for its wide live streaming offer. Many international events are broadcast to make the live betting offer even more attractive. Unfortunately, there is currently no live stream service available on the Unibet site. Should something be offered for individual exceptions, you will see that on the live event page with the sign “UTV”.

Unibet cash-out

The popular cash-out feature is also part of the offer at Unibet. So you can pay off a bet, even before the final result is established. As a result, you can secure a part of the profit early – or just limit his losses. For selected sports, the Unibet cash-out feature is available for live, pre-match, outright and accumulator bets. You can see cash out bets on the cashout symbol that appears next to the bets in question.


In 2005, Unibet launched a platform for smartphones and in 2008 a Java application for playing on the mobile phone. You can play games, live games, casino and poker on Unibet using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to play through the mobile-friendly website or download the app, you decide yourself.

Unibet iPhone

On your iPhone, you can play all of Unibet’s products except poker; if you have an iPad, you can easily play poker with it. You can either play in the web browser or download the Unibet App from the App Store.

Unibet Android

Just like for the iPhone, your Android will also be able to play all the products from Unibet to poker; You can only play it on the PC or a tablet. Not all Unibet apps are available for the Android, but you can download the sportsbook app, the Spin City app and the live casino app.

Unibet app

Unibet offers many different apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones. You can find many different game apps, including one for football statistics, a TV guide app and a football quiz app. In addition, Unibet even offers some casino apps as well as an app for Unibet Poker for tablets.


Since 1 July 2012, all sports bets placed by betting friends resident in the European countries  will incur 5% tax. The various bookmakers deal with this tax quite differently: some pass it directly to customers, others turn their customers betting tax and take them for them and in turn others make the latter only partially. At Unibet, the betting taxes are actually borne by Unibet himself. Unibet does not deduct a deduction. Nonetheless, European customers must accept a 5% discount. Specifically, this means that the betting tax at Unibet will be deducted from the profit. Further information about the betting tax at Unibet can be found in the Unibet terms and conditions.


Again and again inquiries reach us to what extent a bookmaker is safe or not. No wonder: after all, you entrust a lot of money to a sports betting provider and want to know that this is a matter of trustworthiness. At Unibet we can reassure you: The bookmaker has a proper license, is well-known and can be safely classified as safe.


As one of the leading bookmakers in the market, Bet365 is, in our experience, a complete product with great entertainment value. Particularly noteworthy Bet365 are the many live bets and the large live streaming offer. In addition to sports and live betting, you can also play and play poker in the casino – a great variety that is complemented by a great welcome bonus.

Open an account today at bet365 and get a 100% deposit bonus. The terms and conditions apply. Get started in the casino with a bonus for new players of up to € 100! Just make a deposit / transfer deposit of at least € 10 and select offer code BONUS100 to claim your 100% bonus. An ideal opportunity to help your bet365 casino balance and to try our great games in the casino. Main terms and conditions of the offer. This offer is only available to new Casino customers on bet365.

Your first deposit / transfer (at least € 10) in the casino will qualify you for a 100% bonus equal to your qualifying deposit / transfer (maximum amount: € 100). This is your qualifying deposit / transfer payment. Select offer code BONUS100 when making your qualifying deposit / transfer payment.

In total, you must transfer the amount of your qualifying deposit / withdrawal payment (limited to € 100) plus bonus 15 times on qualifying games before you can withdraw your bonus and any winnings. Not all games carry or contribute the same proportion to the rollover conditions. You can find the details in the full terms and conditions of the offer on the bet365 page.

Deposits that you deposit / transfer via your qualifying deposit / transfer payment (limited to € 100) may be withdrawn at your sole discretion, without impacting this offer. This balance will be deducted and may be paid out from your ‘Payable Balance’.

When your bonus is active, winnings from your deposits / transfers will be paid to your “My Balance” balance. You can withdraw from your “My Balance” balance at any time. However, you will lose the bonus and any funds in your bonus balance if you make a withdrawal from your “My Balance” balance before completing the rollover conditions.

If the rollover conditions are not met within 30 days of the qualifying deposit / transfer payment, the funds in the bonus balance will be removed.


Founded in 2000, bookmaker Bet365 enjoys great popularity in online betting. On MyWettbonus.de we have the Bet365 sportsbook offer in the context of our bookmaker comparison a detailed test.

It is the product that has brought the Bet365 into pole position in a tough competition. The range of bets is very good for both traditional sports betting and live betting, and we know only a handful of providers with such a large offer. Football is not unexpected at Bet365 by far the largest sport and the diversity of the leagues is enormous. However, the gambling company also has a large selection of niche sports in the program.

For new players, layout and navigation can be a little tricky. For the most part, the green and gray design is slightly different from many other gaming companies. So you will be showered with odds directly to the entry on the sports betting site of Bet365, so you have to get used to the special look of this bookmaker. But if the habit is there then, many people prefer the format that Bet365 offers. But it all works smoothly and you have a lot of fun betting. Especially live Bet365 has given us much pleasure. For us, Bet365 is therefore one of the best bookmakers ever with which you can bet in European countries.

If anything is missing in Bet365, it is the search function of the bets. A very simple feature that most gaming companies have added, but Bet365 has skipped for some reason. The search function can be found when playing on the mobile-friendly website There, however, it is almost hidden. It is not found by a computer or app, which is a minus. So we were able to count nearly 50 sports (where it always depends on the counting, which is considered a separate sport and what a sub-discipline of a sport is). Compared to the field of other bookmakers this is an absolute top value. Also in terms of odds we have made very good experiences with Bet365. Overall, the British bookmaker is therefore a sportsbook provider, which is absolutely recommended.


Bet365 has a lot of fans and there is a reason for that. Because betting made a lot of fun with our test. Unlike many other bookmakers, cashout is almost always available. For example, Bet365 often has more control over its use. The cash outflow margin is also positive. We also liked the livestreaming of some games. Especially with the live offer Bet365 is certainly off the competition. In terms of odds, we think Bet365 is also one of the better bookmakers. It should be noted, however, that Bet365 is rarely the market leader with its odds in our bookmaker comparison.


At Bet365 we had to pay the betting tax on every bet in our test. The betting tax was always deducted directly in the wager. Bet365 is not a bookmaker without tax.


It’s no surprise that Bet365, as one of the world’s largest betting sites, also offers good mobile service. If you want to bet with your smartphone, you can do it with the Bet365 app. This is available for iPhone and Android. In addition, you can also play directly in the browser. You get exactly the same features as on the website. In the MyWettbonus.de editorship we agree: It is often easier to use the app.

Where does Bet365 come from?

Bet365 is originally from the UK.

When was Bet365 founded?

Bet365 was founded in 2000.

How do I get the Bet365 betting bonus?

The Bet365 bonus, you can directly secure, among other things directly through Bet365 or MyWettbonus.de directly. Use one of the green buttons with “Get bonus”.

What is a betting bonus?

A betting bonus is a gift from a betting provider to its new customers. Here you can receive bonus credits and convert this by betting in real money. Betting bonuses come in very different forms. For example, there is the classic deposit bonus, then there are free bets or even increased odds as a new customer bonus. The nature of the bonus can vary greatly from bookmaker to bookmaker.

What are the terms and conditions of a betting bonus?

Usually every betting bonus is linked to so-called turnover conditions. So you get the money not just given by the bookmaker with a bonus, but must first implement this through sports betting. Only after the conversion you can then pay off the bonus balance. The terms of sales differ from bookmakers to bookmakers.


Betway is not only one of the most famous bookmakers in UK. One is also one of the best. Thus, Betway scores top marks in almost all categories in our test. Particularly impressive is the current sports betting bonus, which is among the best on the market. Otherwise, Betway scores with a very varied betting offer and a very good gaming experience with many promotions. Thus, Betway is also a good long-term choice, because for existing customers much is offered.

Betway is one of the largest and most important betting providers in the European market. And Werder Bremen, Fortuna Dusseldorf and Hannover 96 are also sponsoring three clubs in the Bundesliga. It comes as no surprise that you also have a strong sports betting bonus for customers on offer. The Betway betting bonus is currently probably one of the best bonus offers that you can get in the sports betting area.

Up to 250 euros can be fetched with our special deal – at the moment no other bookmaker can match this amount in the international bookmaker comparison. The Betway bonus is a classic deposit bonus with a factor of 100 percent. Specifically, your first deposit will be increased by 100 percent. Please note that this is a split deposit bonus:

On the first deposit you get a sportsbook bonus of 100% to 150 €. With a deposit of 150 euros you will receive 150 euros on top of it and can thus double your balance.

On the second deposit you will receive again a deposit bonus in the value of 100% to 100 €. Here, too, you can double your deposit amount and thus, together with the 1st deposit bonus, secure a proud 250 Euro free credit.

Here’s how to get this hammer deposit bonus and what to pay attention to.


Since this offer is a special offer through our cooperation with Betway, you can only secure it by clicking on the bonus link on this page.

After clicking on the link, the Betway Promotions website will open with the 250 Euro offer. About this you can register as a new customer at Betway. Attention: If you are already a Betway customer, the offer does not work.

After the registration you make the first deposit for the first deposit bonus up to 150 Euro.

You can now begin to meet the sales conditions (see below). On your 2nd deposit you will receive another bonus – the 2nd part of the deposit bonus up to 100 Euro.

To receive the bonus, you must make your first deposit within 7 days of creating your account on Betway. The bonus amount must be converted at least 6x with bets. Only single bets with a quota of 1.75 or higher or combined bets but a quota of 1.40 count. Depending on the odds, the bets are calculated with a key for the turnover. But what sounds complicated is quite simple: in your Betway account, you’ll find an overview of the progress you’ve made in moving your binus. You have 30 days to meet the sales conditions.


Since its foundation in 2006, Betway has focused on the UK market. However, the company is now also very popular in Europe. It is not for nothing that they are actively promoting the favor of their European customers: Betway is the official sponsor of Werder Bremen, Hannover 96 and Fortuna Düsseldorf – no other betting company has so many clubs in its portfolio. In addition, the company sponsors West Ham United in the Premier League and ninjas in pajamas in the field of e-sports. It’s time to give the bookie, who nowadays offers betting in 15 languages and more than 2 million customers, a full test.

With Betway one pays very much attention to a clear layout – this is already clear when entering the page. Largely held in the Betway colors black, green and white, the website is clearly structured and even beginners will find their way here quickly. A clear and recurring theme on the website and in the apps is that you enjoy the games of Betway. Icons and clear menus make Betway’s entire online presence easy to navigate.

Betway not only offers sports betting, but also has an online casino, a live casino, an online poker department and an area dedicated to e-sports focused. Especially in the field of e-sports betting Betway is considered the market leader.

New customers can get up to $ 250 bonus on Betway Sportsbook. In the casino and poker, the bonus is even higher. The welcome bonus from Betway is very good, both in terms of odds, the casino and the poker games. The sports betting bonus may be a little unclear, as the wagering requirement depends on the odds and the game. However, if you check the conditions or get in touch with Betway’s excellent 24-hour support, there should be no problem. You can get up to 250 euros bonus for sports betting – so Betway has one of the best bonuses in the market.

There are generally many campaigns offered at Betway Sports and the focus is on football, horse racing and e-sports. The quota level at Betway is very high and offers payout percentages that are among the best on the market. At Betway, these are combined with a good offer, which makes Betway a recommended provider in the field of sports bedding. The offer is rounded off by a good and easy-to-understand app – here, too, you accumulate plus points.


Betting on Betway is classic on a digital betting slip, as it is known from many other betting operators. So you can find the selection of sports in the menu on the left, the games or races are gathered in the large central area and right is the betting slip in which you can place your bets.


The offer of Betway is generally very diversified, but the focus is on horse racing and football. Betway is also the market leader in e-sports. In football, a lot is offered, from big games to the reserve league. However, they remain true to their British background and mainly offer Premier League football. When it comes to features and game specials, Betway offers a wide range of products such as cash-out, live-betting and interesting games on selected matches.

Betway football betting

Betway offers a diverse selection of football odds and you can bet on many leagues worldwide. Games with a special character focus on top football or English football. In general, Betway has one of the highest payout percentages in football, compared to the other major betting providers. The football games offered by them are therefore recommended.

Betway on ice hockey bets

Betway offers a large selection of hockey players to bet on. They offer for example the big leagues like NHL, KHL and SHL and in the assortment one finds also smaller leagues like the Norwegian or Belarusian league. The odds are generally good and at the same level as the odds of the other big providers. One benefit of Betway is the campaign to get the money back in NHL games ending in 0-0.

Betway on tennis betting

The user finds at Betway a large tennis offer that can be bet on. There are always live betting and odds offered that match the market. There is also the possibility to bet on games that are still a bit far away in the future. You can also bet on specials, such as how many Grand Slams a player will win in a season.

Betway E-Sports Betting

Betway focuses on modern and growing esports. The company is the main sponsor of the Swedish Ninjas clan in pajamas and offers games in several different e-sports such as Dota 2, CS: GO and League of Legends.

More game offers at Betway

Betway offers many sports and more, but the range of smaller events is not as diverse as many of the other major bookmakers like Unibet or Bet365.


At Betway, live betting, or in-play, is no problem. There are many games and bet types of many different sports offered. The odds are updated quickly and green or red arrows indicate whether the odds have been raised or lowered. In addition, a cash-out is offered at many games and these can even be offered in very obscure leagues.


Betway offers one of the best cash-out features on the market. The feature is not offered at every event, but can be found in many of them. In addition, the cash-out is offered both before and during the game, which is not yet part of the standard equipment of the bookmakers, and the players can choose whether they want to get paid the whole sum or only part. This makes the cash-out feature of Betway a flexible instrument of the player.


With Betway one has the possibility to play via web browser of the mobile phone. However, it is also possible to download several apps for iOS and Android and use them for gaming. They offer, unlike many other bookmakers, an app for each division. Many find this distribution good and others would prefer to have it all in one app. Regardless of what you think, you still have to admit that Betway offers very good cell phone products.


Betway Sportsbook App

The Betway app for sports betting is well-designed and easy to navigate, with icons and a clear interface that shows the way. Here you will find a large selection of events to play on, both before the match and live. Features like cash-out work just as well here as on the computer.

Betway Casino App

The range of casino games in the app is slightly smaller, but it is enough to satisfy most casino players. Thanks to the simple navigation and the clarity, casino games can be played very well in the app despite the small screen and it is offered a comprehensive experience.


For betting enthusiasts, the betting tax is always a crucial factor in choosing the right betting provider. Finally, there are some bookmakers who issue the betting tax and thus indirectly offer their customers a 5% higher quota. Unfortunately, Betway is not one of them, because at Betway the betting tax is normally paid by the customer. Specifically, the 5% tax will be deducted from the gross profit.


Is a bookmaker secure? This question is asked by many users who want to register for the first time with a bookmaker. A good indication for this are first of all reviews: So it helps to always look at how the bookmakers were rated on the Internet. At Betway there are numerous reviews in the net.

Another bookmaker safety check are the licensing conditions. Betway is a brand managed by Betway Limited, a company based in Malta. In the UK, Betway Limited is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Outside the UK, Betway Limited is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The Malta Gaming Authority is a well-known regulatory body that also underpins Betway’s credibility. Based on our experience Betway is considered extremely trustworthy.