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Sportsbooks on the internet provide a platform to legally place a bet […]

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Popularity of eSports betting eSports betting is more trendy than ever. More […]


eSports Betting

Sportsbooks on the internet provide a platform to legally place a bet on their favorite team or sport. New sports therefore offer sportsbook providers the opportunity to expand their portfolio. It’s the same with eSports. The eSport has been developing continuously for about 15 years. Many enthusiastic eSport fans had certainly wished for a faster development here.

The eSport experienced the right breakthrough with the advent of streaming technologies that made a live broadcast of professional players of the title League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota 2 or the classic Counter-Strike possible. Since 2014, League of Legends is now officially recognized as the sport and thus the most successful eSport title in the world. Millions of viewers around the world watch the big $ 2-3 million tournaments. For years it has even been possible to win the recognition of eSport as an Olympic discipline.

Online sports betting on eSports

The idea was to combine with the recognition of League of Legends as a sport in America, millions of eSports fans worldwide, plus the possibility of live broadcasting, sports betting and eSports. So some bookmakers actively offer sports betting on games like LOL, Dota2, CS: GO or SC2.

eSports betting provider

Unfortunately, there are not many bookmakers who have eSports betting active in their program. However, all major bookmakers are watching intensively as eSports evolves. Everyone has ever offered the other special bet. Active in the program, the eSport but only a few bookmakers. The market leader for eSport bets is currently the bookmaker TipBet. It has the largest active eSports betting program and offers daily eSports betting. But also providers like betway, bet365 or bet-at-home support sports betting on the eSport.

What is eSport?

eSports is a trend that is unstoppable. eSport describes the professional competition in a computer game against each other. Depending on the computer game title can be competed here individually or in a team against each other. In competitions usually organized in leagues or tournaments eSportler compete against each other. The events are usually broadcast live over the Internet. Up to 5 million viewers watch these games live. The eSport is not a bauble ruled by “nerds”. It has become a million dollar business that has recognized big brands like Coca Cola and Microsoft. The home country of eSports is Korea. The top players have income of up to $ 500,000 a year. The biggest tournaments are the LCS for League of Legends and The International for Dota 2. Incredible millions of dollars in prize money are endowed here. Recently, Riot made the company stand out behind League of Legends (LOL) by announcing 11 million in prize money at the next event.

Games for eSports Betting

The basis for offering eSport betting at all is an eSport title. In recent years, titles have been developed again and again exclusively for the further development of eSports. Not all were successful. Meanwhile, 7 titles can be identified that have both a very large fan base and the necessary basics to bet on it.

  • League of Legends Wetten
  • Dota 2 Wetten
  • Counter-Strike (CS:GO)
  • Starcraft 2 Wetten
  • Hearthstone Wetten
  • Overwatch Wetten
  • Rocket League Wetten

Which types of bets are offered?

The most common bet type in eSport is the single bet. Some bookmakers also offer combination or system bets. There several games can be combined with each other, whereby the odds of the games multiply. More and more frequently also very popular special bets are offered. For LOL or CS: GO, for example, these would be “First Blood”.

  • eSport Sing Betting
  • eSport combination bets
  • eSport special bets

How do the quotas arise?

Setting the right odds in eSports still causes the big bookmakers a headache. There are opportunities for attentive eSports fans. Again and again we observe that the initial quota codes are calculated completely wrong. Unlike football sports betting, eSports betting must be created and maintained manually. One can therefore assume that sit at the big betting operators “experts” who put the odds. There’s your chance to be better.

Is betting on eSport legal?

eSports bets are just as legal as sports bets on the internet. The bookmakers are reviewed by regulators to minimum standards. This standard is awarded in the form of a license to the sports betting providers. Legally, sports betting and thus also eSport betting are legal. You must, however, be at least 18 years old to play betting. Also, you should preferably have a credit card or the paysafecard.

eSports Betting Bonus

You certainly know the lush bonus offers great sports betting providers. Are there any bonus offers for eSports as well? Yes there is. Even bookmakers for eSport betting attract with bonus offers up to 100%. However, as with all bonus offers, the following applies: Sports Betting Bonus and thus also the eSport Betting Bonus are subject to the bonus conditions of the respective provider. You will not be given any money here. You have to clear your bonus. Often you have to set the bonus amount 5 to 10 times at odds over 2.0, to bring the bonus amount for free to pay.